What is Eileen Koff Ministries?

Eileen Koff Ministries (EKM) was founded on a simple truth: A Life blessed is a life fulfilled.

God pours out His blessings on us daily. However, we may not be able to receive those blessings because instead of accepting them with an outstretched open hand, our fists are clenched tight around all the "stuff" in our lives.

On that great judgment day (I Corinthians 3:11-15) we will all be evaluated according to how well we handled what God entrusted to us; our talents, our time, our treasures. Where we spend our time, with whom we associate and even the purchases we make will profoundly affect our eternal rewards. In our struggle to loosen ourselves from the entangling net of clutter, we may lose sight of an important factor: it's not about us. Above all, Jesus demands we love Him more than anyone or anything; following Him, trusting Him and satisfied in Him

Eileen Koff Ministries mission is to equip His body to experience the joy of clutter-free living that enables them, not only to succeed, but be blessed to live life to their full potential.

Books by Eileen Koff CPO

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